The solution to texting while driving

A rider uses his cell phone while riding a scooter.

I hate it when my iPhone corrects my spelling.

Texting while driving has received a lot of attention recently. Laws are making it illegal to text and drive (and rightly so) due to the obvious danger of being distracted.  “The University of North Texas recently analyzed texting while driving data compiled by the FARS (Fatality Accident Reporting System), the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), and the CTIA (a Wireless Association, originally known as the Cellular Telephone Industries Association). Between 2001 and 2007, the study revealed 16,141 deaths occurred during this six year period as a result of texting while driving”. (source)  As cellphones become more commonplace, it’s no surprise that there are more accidents and fatalities simply due to the larger number of people using them in their cars.

So it occurred to me while riding home the other day that the solution to texting while driving was simple: everyone should use a scooter as their primary means of transportation.  Voila, no more texting because as we all know, riding a scooter takes more concentration and focus than driving a car.  I was thinking of what my acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace prize would be when I stumbled upon a few of the images in this post.

texting and riding a scooter 2

It’s so hard to get a signal in traffic. Maybe if I ride faster.

Now I know that in other countries, scooters are the norm.  Here in the US (and probably more so in Texas), we love our cars (or trucks here in Texas). it seems reasonable that texting laws would help everyone and maybe us two-wheeled folks a little more since we’re already hard to see.  But it seems this crazy idea of using our cellphones and riding a scooter (or motorcycle) is a problem elsewhere.  Some countries are pushing for stricter laws for motorcycles and scooters.  As I came across more and more examples of people texting while scooting, I began to realize my hopes of honors and accolades (and maybe a little cha-ching) were quickly fading.

I’m still an idealist and think that someday more people in the US will recognize that two wheels can be safer for everyone.  I mean, come on, who better than our own law enforcement personnel can show us how great it is to ride and demonstrate rider safety.  Ahh, nevermind.

Police officer texting while riding

Law enforcement demonstrating proper texting while riding techniques.

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