Scooters are better than sex and other reasons to own a scooter

Woman with scooter in bikini

Yea, you want to ride this

No, scooters are really not better than sex but if that’s your thing, I’m not here to judge. Think about it. Scooters have nice curves, perhaps even sexy to some. Riding a scooter makes you all tingly inside and can take you almost anywhere. You can decorate and trick out your scooter so they are certainly open to new things. Hmm, maybe I’m on to something.

So aside from the items mentioned, what are scooters good for and why should you get a scooter? Below are some things to consider about scooters.

  1. It can make you smarter. Some scientists believe that the extra concentration needed to successfully operate a motorcycle (or scooter) can contribute to higher general levels of brain function. Think about the last time you went to the store in your car. Do you remember it? Probably not. Driving a car is mostly passive, unless you are texting, changing the radio station, shaving and eating a cheeseburger all at the same time. Riding a scooter involves all of your senses. You smell the food from restaurants or freshly cut grass. You feel the wind against your body and the road beneath your feet. You hear and see cars and people moving along the street. Sometimes you even taste the outdoors like when a bug flies in your face.
  2. It can improve your image. After you buy a scooter, you’ll begin to notice that there are in fact, many of us on the road. Most of us wave as we go by in the other direction. The ones that don’t are usually Vespa owners and they are snobs (unless you own a Vespa too). Chances are very good that there’s a scooter club in your city where you can meet other cool scooterists. This association in turn improves your own image, unless you’re a socialist, artsy-fartsy little dweeb then nothing will help.
  3. Parking is outstanding! Can you park anywhere you want? Of course not. Anyone that says you can is lying to you. Typically there are places to park that are much closer than where cars have to park. If you live or travel to the downtown area of your city, chances are good that parking sucks. Not so on a scooter. Most cities offer designated parking places for bicycles and scooters or allow you to park in more unconventional areas. It’s best to contact your local police department and ask merchants you visit to be sure but chances are good that you can get within 100 feet of the entrance of most stores.

Naturally there are other reasons to get a scooter such as the great gas mileage, they’re easy to ride and are reasonably affordable compared to a car. Riding a scooter does require a lot of thought and there are dangers on the road. I’m not suggesting you rethink your choice of partners but don’t discount all the fun you could be having on a scooter.


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