Scooters and Ingress

Ingress logo

Well it’s been a while since I posted and other than moving into a new house, I came across a new obsession that has taken way too much of my time.  That new obsession is Ingress.  As I’ve made my way to level 14, I found myself traveling to several places around the city and like many others, I discovered places I never knew existed.  I could go on about the game but what you quickly learn is that all that traveling hits you hard in the pocketbook….unless you have a scooter.

Part of the allure of Ingress for me is going places you can’t reach by car.  In many cases that includes a scooter too.  However, the fun part of getting to these places is where having a scooter is beneficial.  It’s great on gas mileage and with a mount, you can collect XM while you ride.  In some cases, you can even hack portals while you ride but I don’t recommend it.  There’s also the speed lock issue but in general, it’s not a safe practice.  I admit, I successfully glyph hacked a portal while riding but again, I don’t condone that behavior.  The extra mobility also helps getting to some of those hard to reach portals.

If you’ve played Ingress before, you know how much you need a backup battery.  Fortunately my ride has a place to connect a USB charger but I found that it sometimes blows the fuse.  After replacing two fuses, I decided a standalone USB charger was the way to go.  My Downtown 300i has a convenient storage compartment to store the charger and keeps me going for several hours.  Combined with my RAM Mount X-grip cradle holder, my phone stays put and is easily visible while I ride.  It’s also great for viewing regular maps too.

Now it may be time to get some Ingress artwork on my scooter.  If you download the game, choose Enlightened.  It’s available for Android or iOS.


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