Riding my new Kymco Downtown 300i

Kymco Downtown 300iSo it’s been a few months since I posted on the site.  Probably because I’ve been enjoying my new ride I got back in August.

I got it because of uncertainty I had with getting parts for my SYM RV-250.  Even though the warehouse fire has been a few years ago, I had ordered a small, and fortunately not important, part that took a couple of months to come in and then found out it was the wrong part.   Had this been something I needed to ride, I would have been quite upset as I would have missed several good riding months.

So, why did I get a Downtown 300i? A number of reasons:

  1. Price
  2. Performance
  3. Sexy curves


From an economic standpoint, getting a used scooter is nearly always cheaper.  Unless you’re a Vespa snob, scooters around the $1,500 range are plentiful.  For me, I wanted something like a Suzuki Burgman 400 or possibly a Yamaha Majesty.  I knew I wanted to go up from the 250 class so I could ride the freeways with a little more confidence.  I searched for a couple of months and could only find older models or ones with 10K+ miles on them.  When I did find a newer model with fewer miles, I was seeing prices close to $5K and up.

I didn’t even start looking at Kymcos until I went to the Kymco Forum and read about how people liked their scooters.  The price for a new scooter was close to what I would be paying for a used bike so I did a little local searching until I found one.  I did end of paying over the $5K mark but with the trade-in of my old scooter, it wasn’t too much of a hit to the pocketbook.


My first scooter was a Q-Link Pegasus 150 followed by a SYM RV-250.  As you can see, I was ready to graduate up to a larger class scoot.  My goal here was to have a scooter with easy in-town riding combined with the option to take long distance rides on the freeway or just an occasional trip across town.  While my RV-250 could go across town, I didn’t feel comfortable going 65+ for more than a few miles.  I know people have ridden across country in smaller scoots but I felt uneasy seeing the tach revving at 10K RPM so I felt getting a 400 cc class would be my best option.  Not only did I want in-town maneuverability and highway speeds, I wanted excellent gas mileage too.  It sounds a little odd to be dissatisfied with sub 60 MPG performance but I thought I would try anyway.

Again, my searches came up with the Downtown as well as some other models.  My reason for not going with some of the other scooters? See the other reasons.  I didn’t want to pay over 6 grand for a scooter and I’m not fond of the retro or modern european styling of some of the other scooters.  I guess I’m an anti-Vespa snob.

Sexy Curves

So with the other criteria met (in my mind anyway), I saw the Downtown and started drooling.  Day-um! that’s s fine scooter.  Being in Austin and a Longhorn alum, naturally I had to have the orange flavored model.  The picture on the site is an updated on as it didn’t originally come with an orange seat.  While the scooter looks awesome, it does have one severe flaw…it’s not great for taller riders.

At 6′ 1″, I had grown accustomed to stretching out my legs on the RV-250.  The pictures of the Downtown are deceiving in that you don’t have the same leg room compared to other Maxi scooters. Unless you’re under 5′ 4″, you aren’t going to be able to stretch your legs out.  At my height, my knees almost hit the dash.  So why would I out myself through this torture?  Have you seen this scooter?

Overall, I’m very happy with the scooter.  Ideally, I’d like to stretch out my legs and cruise from time to time but (nearly) everything else about the scooter is wonderful.  But I’ll write about that another time.



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