My previous ride

So this is (was) my ride.  A 2008 SYM RV-250.  I got it used back in February of 2011.  It was an upgrade to my previous scooter which was a 2008 Q-Link Pegasus 150.  I ride as much as I can in my hometown of Austin, TX.  We’re fortunate to have weather suitable for riding nearly all year long.  Extended periods of 100+ days makes sitting in traffic less fun but overall, it’s a great place to live and ride.

I’ve been riding since March of 2008.  I decided that a scooter would be a more economical way to counteract gas prices than getting a Prius.  I took the MSF (Motocycle Safety Foundation) class and off I went.  In the past three years, I’ve learned that saving money on gas was just a bonus.  Riding is just flat out fun and now I look for more reasons to use the scooter rather than the car.

I do have teenage boys who are not quite as enthusiastic about the scooter.  Somehow it doesn’t quite compare to a sport bike or Harley.  So naturally, I look for ways to show up at the high school because that’s what a responsible parent does to his children.  My wife is also not as interested in the scooter even after bribes of getting one in pink (her favorite color).  I think it would be cool for the two of us to go on a ride in the Hill Country.

I’m still young (early 40s) so I have lots of riding left in me.  I hope to get a slightly bigger scooter (400cc+) and go on more long distance rides.  I’ve got my eye on the MaxSYM or something similar.  We’ll see what comes out in 2015.

If you’re on this page, you must check out my new ride.