Kymco Downtown 300i Seat Modification

2013 Kymco Downtown 300i

Before seat modification

Kymco Downtown 300i

After seat modification

Before I first got my Kymco Downtown 300i, I went to a local dealer and sat on it to see how it fit.  Based on all my research, I felt it would be the best all purpose scooter for both in-town and highway riding.  The only drawback to my dream scooter was the issue reported by taller riders that the seat was not far enough back and it didn’t allow you to make any adjustments like on many other scooters.  Even though I confirmed this issue while sitting on one at the dealer, I got one anyway with the thought that I could modify the seat and make it a more comfortable ride.

While it may be hard to tell from the pictures, the seat was moved back just over an inch.  The modification also came with a splash of flair to accent the already striking burnt orange color of the scooter.  Sadly, this modification didn’t improve the riding experience all that much.  Even after taking out a significant portion of the seat padding, my legs could use another 4-6 inches (that’s what she said).  I guess I’m just too much man for this scooter.

The other harsh reality is that the slope of the seat pushes you forward when you go over bumps.  I find myself pushing my my body back when stopped at a light or even in the middle of riding.  This is where having the ability to stretch out my legs and push against the sloped foot rests would allow me to stay more secure on the seat.  If I hit a bump that pushes me off the seat, it really doesn’t matter what kind of scooter or seat you have, you’re probably going to fall off anyway.

The Kymco Downtown 300i has an awkward underseat area that allows for two helmets.  One helmet would fit directly under the “hump” or backrest while the other fits at the very back of the storage area.  This first area creates a slight curve under the seat and thus limits how much of that padded back area you can remove.  If I remove any more of the cushion, I’d be hitting plastic and making the ride even worse.  Granted, when the roads are smooth, the back rest is fantastic.  It’s almost like a mattress that forms to your back.  Ideally, I’d like to keep that back rest but just shift it back a few inches.  My hope is that Kymco or specialty shops create some custom seats that can replace the stock seat entirely.  It’s a shame that Kymco didn’t allow for an adjustable seat on this scooter.

Sometimes I put my feet up on the sloped foot rests but I’ve not done it in public as it makes me feel like I’m a circus clown.  It’s awkward and not very comfortable.  My other option is to install foot pegs near the front of the scooter but I fear that it may impede my ability to lean close to the ground going around curves (as I could do on my SYM RV-250).  This is still one amazing scooter and the riding experience is still fantastic (maybe an A-) but I got spoiled riding in the Barka lounge position from my previous scooter.

More pics:

2012-09-20 18.40.54


2012-09-20 18.43.59

2012-09-20 18.38.56


  1. Greenmeenie says:

    I’m planning to buy a scooter soon. I was looking at the Kymco Downtown, but being 6’4″ I crossed it off me list for this reason. The SYM Citycom, Honda PCX & Forza fit me much better, so it’s down to those three.

  2. Me and my wife have one each and we seem to have the same problems, but I have found away to lift the seat 1 inch giving 1.5 inch of liner distance form the foot to the knee, and it removed the sliding forward on the set while riding. I’m not sure how to post picture here but if you show me I will post the mod pictures and how to do it….

    • GhostRider says:

      If you can link to a pic on imgur or some other service, that would be very helpful. I’ve heard of adding cushion to the seat to raise it up and allow your knees to extend a little bit. My only concern is that my head is already over the windshield and adding more height would increase noise and general aerodynamics. I’ve though about getting a higher shield anyway so if the extra height gives more legroom it may be worth it.

      Thank you for sharing.

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