Scooter as your only means of transportation

Line of scootersIt was bound to happen at some point.  My cage (that’s a car for you non scooter types) got into an accident and I’ll be without it for a week.  A whole week!  What this means is that my scooter will be my only means of transportation until I get my car back.

For some scooterists, this is no big deal.  In fact, I know some people who choose to only use a scooter as their primary means of transport.  But for me, this means I’ll actually have to think about and plan my travel throughout the day. Now, if I want, I can get a rental car and not think twice.  However, it’s not the first time I’ve thought of going to “scooter only” transport.  Knowing that I always had a car for backup probably made me less worried about only using the scooter but that has changed.

How to go scooter only (for at least a week)

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Scooters and the art of Zen

zenThe other day I had a sudden realization that riding on my scooter has become my zen place.  For some, this is no surprise as they have come to this awareness long ago.  For me, I just needed a little over 10,000 miles.  So how can something with so much risk be so calming?

We all have places in our lives where we think more clearly.  Many people prefer the beach and the sounds of the ocean while others go for more traditional places like a library or the modern day library, Starbucks.  For me, I find that the focus I put toward riding on the streets brings forth a sense of peace.  Just about anytime I get on the scooter, ten minutes into the ride I’ve thought of a solution to an ongoing problem or come up with a cure for cancer (well maybe not that last one).  Sometimes it’s a business idea or other times it’s a thinking of going to a great restaurant (that last one may be from riding past them).  Being able to ride at 75+ MPH (yes it can go faster) also provides a thrill like nothing you can describe.  It’s during those times that focus on the road becomes important and can even be relaxing at the same time.

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The solution to texting while driving

A rider uses his cell phone while riding a scooter.

I hate it when my iPhone corrects my spelling.

Texting while driving has received a lot of attention recently. Laws are making it illegal to text and drive (and rightly so) due to the obvious danger of being distracted.  “The University of North Texas recently analyzed texting while driving data compiled by the FARS (Fatality Accident Reporting System), the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), and the CTIA (a Wireless Association, originally known as the Cellular Telephone Industries Association). Between 2001 and 2007, the study revealed 16,141 deaths occurred during this six year period as a result of texting while driving”. (source)  As cellphones become more commonplace, it’s no surprise that there are more accidents and fatalities simply due to the larger number of people using them in their cars.

So it occurred to me while riding home the other day that the solution to texting while driving was simple: everyone should use a scooter as their primary means of transportation.  Voila, no more texting because as we all know, riding a scooter takes more concentration and focus than driving a car.  I was thinking of what my acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace prize would be when I stumbled upon a few of the images in this post. [Read more…]